Monday, December 20, 2010

A suet thief

Suet cakes in the winter are always good; woodpeckers like them, chickadees and cardinals appreciate the extra energy (and embedded fruits and nuts), and they add a bit of variety to visitation patterns.

So, given that we had an extra pole available, I hung a suet feeder with a 'woodpecker favorite' block a couple of days ago. In the morning, the feeder was open and there was no sign of suet.  My gardening companion started joking about racoons and opossums.  Hmmm.

Optimistic about such things, I bought two more suet cakes and put the feeder hanging from a much higher point on a young maple tree.  Surely opposums or racoons wouldn't climb up trees to get suet? Hmm.

Sure enough, this morning the suet feeder was on the ground and the suet nowhere to be seen.

But, this evening towards sunset, we caught a glimpse of the culprit.  (My gardening companion points out that my suet eater is back).  Hrmph.

A large, robust, and very healthy-looking opossum was rumbling up the slope, presumably sniffing for the suet that the nice woman up in the house keeps leaving for me.

I only managed a blurry shot through the window, and opening the balcony door, s/he skittered downslope, well-fed from two blocks of suet over the last couple of days!


  1. Lisa,

    The possum must be hungry we have them here but they never bother the feeders.

    Purple Finch females are easy to tell see the ones that crashed into our windows at the pale stripe over the eye is a dead give away, males are hard to tell from House Finches.

  2. For catching the thief redhanded is pretty good. Your suet must be pretty good!!

  3. Randy, I'd never thought that possums would bother bird feeders, but this guy was clearly the culprit, sneaking back up the slope to see what was there.

    The finches haven't been back in the last couple of days, but I'll check their eye stripes when they return.

    And Janet, this suet was the good stuff, filled with fruit and nuts, so we have one plump opossum down in the ravine!


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