Thursday, December 9, 2010

Japanese persimmons

It's been a bumper crop of persimmons on the old tree that we transplanted many years ago from our first garden. It must be close to 25 years old now.  I harvested over 30 fruits early on, worrying about the weight of them on the branches.

But the 25-odd fruits left on the tree continued to develop, and after the hard frosts and unusually low temperatures, have ripened nicely ON the tree, so I've just harvested them.

I made some persimmon bars this evening, have eaten quite a few fresh, and will freeze the rest as pulp (for future persimmon bread and bars!)


  1. Wow, wish we had some of these! One of my favorite fruits! I bought 16 at Costco a few weeks ago, all gone now. The wild persimmons grow wild along our pond.

  2. We had some persimmons in Virginia, really really sour. Are the Japanese ones less sour?

  3. It's been a bumper crop and I've been freezing them as they ripen.

    Janet, the key to persimmons is having them be TOTALLY ripe and squishy before eating them. Otherwise, they're amazingly astringent and not tasty as all.


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