Sunday, December 19, 2010

An old stone retaining wall

The old stone wall next door looks like it's been there a long time.  Parking for the apartment is above this wall (the apartment is probably 80-90 years old), so the wall has probably stabilized the slope for awhile.  Tim (my gardening companion) just snipped the ivy stems at the base of the black locust and trimmed out some box elder saplings, too.

old retaining wall
ravine in winter
The odd-looking stem with thorns next to the Eastern hemlock is Aralia spinosa (Devil's Walkingstick), a striking native that we'll probably regret planting!  But its abundant small flowers are insect favorites and the fruits are attractive, too.

The slope below our house is pretty much clear of ivy, now, and I'm thinking about additions of woodland wildflowers in the understory.

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  1. Great photos! I don't think I would have planted a Devil's Walking Stick, interesting in the landscape but nasty to grab hold of as you walk uphill.


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