Saturday, November 2, 2013

You can never have too many leaves!

I enjoyed sharing some thoughts about creating a native woodland garden with a class this morning;  this was one of the "slides" that was part of my presentation, showing leaf collections from years past.

I love the leaf depot image -- bagged leaves on the old coal road, ready for spreading!
Here was today's haul, probably just the first of many for this fall  - my gardening companion can't pass up the bagged leaves in our neighborhood ready for pickup.  Fall has come later this year than usual, in an odd way -- with glorious fall color now in the first weekend of November, with leaves falling on a delayed schedule.
They have already been spread down the slope in the ravine forest!


  1. Another 13+ bags of leaves were collected today. We probably have enough!

  2. The first time I read your blog you discussed the value of leaves to the soil. I believe the first pic above was on that blog page. I have continued to come back to read.

    1. Glad you've continued to come back! I'm a big fan of adding leaves -- and my hubby (aka my gardening companion) is a happy camper this time of year....collecting bags of them.


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