Witch hazel and fall color

My gardening companion planted a large native witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) to the left of the meadow in front of the garage some years ago (we've been reducing the meadow's size). It's flourished in the conditions there, and is really now more of a small tree than a shrub.

This afternoon, it glowed clear yellow, with the backdrop of our neighbor's beautiful old Southern red oak.

And the view from my study window was striking, too, with the vibrant yellow of the hickory peaking through.

After a rainy Saturday, it was nice to have a sunny fall day!


  1. Great plant! Love the Witch Hazels and their fragrance later in the season. Yours is really a nice size!

  2. Lisa, I looked out the window this morning~~~before the sun was really up ~~and there was my little trio of witchhazels lighting up the garden. They really are perfect little trees/shrubs. There is one already flowering in the front garden...I love native plants! So you're taming your meadow? gail

  3. I love this witch hazel -- they are great plants. And I'm sort of 'taming' the meadow, Gail.

    Uh, my gardening companion wanted to plant more blueberries, and the meadow was getting a bit out of control (and I'm a VERY lenient gardener). So we're just reducing its size a bit!


  4. Beautiful pictures! I was admiring my neighbor's Witch Hazel today - another one on "my list."


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