Front door views

I never thought about taking a picture from our front steps when we moved in 15 years ago.

This is a view (from 1994) looking down from farther right.

My gardening companion starting to plant

There wasn't much to see, except a few large old trees, lawn, and a straight row of planted trees (Magnolia, dogwood, white pine, crepe myrtle). Red tips had been planted along the front, next to the road, and they were already in decline when we came. Happily, we volunteered their removal when the City put in a bike path.

But now, it's quite nice to look out through the front door,

step out onto the front steps,

and look down towards the front path I put in a couple of years ago.

The meadow (that's being edited) doesn't look too bad, with the least attractive blackened stalks removed.


  1. You and your gardening companion have done a marvelous job! What an improvement.

  2. Thanks!

    It's so interesting to reflect on what the changes have been. We had no idea when we started planting what we'd create, but happily our instincts (based on observing natural plant communities have proved to be our best gardening companion.


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