Looking ahead

There are too many things to plan (for winter and spring programs, etc.) to be able to savor the last bits of fall in any depth, alas. A great walk before the rains of today and yesterday, and promise of clear weather to come help.

I WISH I had a lot more time to read other gardening blogs (I'm going to recommend some in a program tomorrow), but for now, I barely have time to reflect on what was most interesting (in terms of nature and gardening) in my day, and do a short post.

Thanks to all of you who do read my reflections and make comments! They're always appreciated.


  1. Thank YOU for those wonderful reflections -- they are always appreciated, as well. I love "visiting" your lovely property.

  2. I stumbled accross your gardening blog. I am a garden blogger accross the pond in the UK. I hope some of my gardening blogs relate to your US readers as well as mine maybe? Hope I can help www.mysod.co.uk

  3. Janet and Nacy--
    Thanks for the nice comments -- blogging and the community it creates is a both a way to reflect as well as to connect.


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