A fussy Carolina Wren

A Carolina Wren was fussing outside the kitchen window late yesterday afternoon in the old camellia. I don't know what set him off -- maybe the neighbor's cat or even my moving around the kitchen. The squirrels have been fussing lately too -- it's practically a chorus.

Carolina Wrens are quite vocal with a musical tea-kettle, tea-kettle call, but also have a harsh, almost hissing, sound as their warning call, and many other variations, apparently. Male Carolina Wrens are the vocal ones, with females being much quieter. They maintain pairs and defend territories all year round according to All About Birds. This post about bird songs was interesting, too -- I'm going to have to look for the books about bird songs that were mentioned!

In the mountains today, it didn't take long for the nuthatches and Carolina chickadees to return to the refilled feeders. Unusually, a group of blue jays was also visiting, bobbling the hanging feeder. And, a group of squirrels was taking advantage of the spilled seeds under the feeder.