A yellow-bellied sapsucker

Not long after I saw two yellow-bellied sapsuckers hopping along a large branch of a big red oak, I spotted a strangely-bobbing shape.

With binoculars, I saw that it was another yellow-bellied sapsucker (I think), clinging to the end of a branch eating some sort of fruits (probably of a vine, but I'm not sure of what it might be).

Earlier this afternoon, I saw mockingbirds feasting on Oriental Bittersweet fruits; not a good thing, as it's invading further south, after spreading throughout the Northeastern U.S.


  1. I’m reminded each time I visit your blog how a passion well expressed can inspire. Thinks for sharing, all the very best and a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment - I do hope that my love of nature, plants, and gardening comes through in my blog.



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