Eastern Gray Squirrels and a winter drey

Activity in a large oak tree caught our eye this afternoon.

A clump of leaves, supported by dead English ivy vines was being visited by Eastern Gray squirrels with mouthfuls of leaves.

They dove into the drey (scientific talk for squirrel nests) repeatedly, moving around leaves.

It must still be early in the process, as the nest isn't that large, as of yet. The two-some, maybe a pair, maybe siblings, continued to scamper around the nest and up in the tree together.


  1. They know it's coming. The squirrels here have been chattering about winter for a few weeks now. There are nests in the large oaks out back. Atop one tree that seems to have died some years back, they've built the nest at the very top, again. They must have forgotten how the owls will land in the middle of their sticks and leaves plucking youngsters from their sleep.

  2. Oh, and I didn't mention the red-tailed hawk who came by earlier in the afternoon, much to the neighborhood crows' dismay!

    These two are rather late, it seems, in preparing for winter. I've noticed many larger nests, too.

  3. We can learn a lot by watching nature!

  4. As much as I get frustrated with the squirrels digging up my plants, they are fun to watch as they scamper up and down the trees and play. This time of year we have a great deal of wildlife activity, which is lots of fun to watch.


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