A long fall season

It's remarkable that we haven't yet had a good frost yet, much less a freeze. There's been spotty frost, to be sure, but nothing that's affected any except the most tender tropicals, and the nasturtium in the Garden's kitchen garden is still flourishing.

My very late-sown flats of lettuce, mache (corn salad), arugula, dwarf Siberian kale, etc. are doing well. They'll just need to be tucked into the ground (in the case of kale and mache) or into the cold frame before a freeze finally comes.


  1. We're having the same. Last year our first hard frost was Nov 22. I'm hoping we hold out that long again this year. It's less than 2 weeks.

    The colors are great this year too, here in the flatlands.

  2. Tom,
    We had a sort of normal frost pattern last year, with a good hard frost about Oct. 15, and over winter had some unusually low temperatures, too.

    But having a long slow fall is great.


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