Late fall color

In spite of all the recent rain, there's still a good bit of fall color. The ginkgo under the powerline is golden, echoing the color of the native witch hazel, and the last few leaves of bluestar (Amsonia) in the perennial border.

The contrast with the large butterfly bush in front, and the junipers behind, make a lovely view.

The light this evening illuminated the big water oak in front of house, tinging it with red.


  1. Beautiful autumn colours Lisa.

  2. Lovely colours. Very similar to the colours we see in England. This is why I cant live in a hot climate. Such a lack of Autumn colour. Who takes your pictures by the way?

  3. Of course, a lot of your fall color in England comes from planted North American natives! I love that some of our most common forest species are used, including tulip poplar and sweetgum.

    Although, in this picture, the lovely yellow ginkgo is from temperate China.

  4. Oh, and I take my pictures, so thanks for asking.


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