Maybe a first freeze

It's quite late for a first freeze, but one is predicted for Friday night (Dec. 4). Our 'average' (prior to global climate change) is Oct. 15.

I'm not complaining, really, as we've had extended fall color, and the lettuce, kale, collards, mustards, and arugula are thriving. But it is a bit unsettling.

We left for winter travels in early December a couple of years ago without a freeze, too.

I've put flats of greens in a open cold frame (not very beneficial), but they'll need water while we're gone -- it'll be interesting to see what's survived, when we return from this year's winter travels.

The garlic that I recently planted has already started to emerge, with fresh green leaves. As I finish using the rest of last year's garlic, it's nice to look forward to the new harvest.


  1. We got our first truly hard freeze this morning. All the rain last night raised the humidity and the temperature dropped into the 20s overnight. We've had a couple light frosts this year, one in October, two in late November. The garden is done for the year now. This one should have finished it.

  2. We are still waiting for ours. Maybe this weekend??


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