A rainy fall day

We barely managed to take a quick walk in the Garden before the rain started. It rained all day. Pelting drops, washing away the drought of past years. The lakes nearby are already at full pool or above, happily signaling the end of droughty times (for now).

It's hard to predict future patterns of weather and climate -- experts in this differ, but my take on what they're saying is that we're likely to have much more extreme and variable weather in the future than we've had in the past, because of changes in global climate.

But we'll keep planting and gardening. My gardening companion (aka my husband) went out in the rain this afternoon to dig up some paw paws (from our large expanding patch here in the Piedmont) and a large blueberry, to transplant up to our space in the mountains. We decided early on that we're going to be natural gardeners, there, too, not being able to keep from wanting to restoring natives to places that they should be.


  1. Paw Paws, blueberry and a place in the mountains...all sounds wonderful! Have a fantastic week! gail

  2. Thanks, Gail.

    We have a lot to be thankful for - in this Thanksgiving week and otherwise.



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