Planting garlic

This afternoon, I planted garlic, which happily arrived yesterday. A slight ordering snafu had me receiving garlic in late November instead of late September from my favorite supplier in Oregon (Hood River Garlic).

And having been alarmed that I might not still be on their list (they're sold out for the fall season), I ordered more garlic (as a backup) last week from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (along with some French red shallots, buckwheat seeds (as a cover crop for next summer), and some Hmong sticky rice (for more experimenting).

But the rescheduled shipment from Oregon and the SESE one arrived together on Friday. Whoo-hoo! Happily, I can use all of it, and share some in our demonstration kitchen garden at work, too.
So I planted four beds of garlic and one of shallots this afternoon.

I had organized the potting bench area a bit yesterday -- it's looking nicer now....


  1. Looks like you will be well supplied with garlic!

  2. Greetings,
    Just bumped into your blog and like it. I have never planted garlic, not sure if it will grow in Malaysia....and now looking at yours, I think, I am going to try planting and see what is the outcome....


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