Poison ivy

A beautiful native plant, poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is a wicked plant (at least for those of us allergic to it - and that's about 85% of us).

The fruits are excellent for birds ~ check.
Fall color is fabulous ~ check.
It's native ~ check.

But.... its oils are not a happy combination with human skin and we react badly with rashes and itching.

Happy Halloween!


  1. The close up of the foliage is a stunning image. I, too, had a blast yesterday. Thank you for being such a good support and friend.

  2. I find it so interesting how different poison ivy looks once it starts to climb. Love the beautiful colors in the fall. It is also a good time to know where you have it in your garden.

  3. I love the top closeup of the Poison Ivy berries! The birds always seem to eat them before I ever get a chance to see the berries....

  4. That is one plant I don't wish we had over here - even though it is attractive to wildlife.


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