Sunday, October 11, 2009

A young nuthatch

In the mountains, we like to leave the front and 'back' doors open. The back doors open into a view of a lovely ravine forest (my gardening companion was hard at work adding more natives today and yesterday).

Leaving the front door open, on the still mild fall days, brings freshness to the air. I'm still ailing from some crummy secondary infection after H1N1, so I have to be content with gazing out the door. But how nice, and how totally fortunate we are.

Very late this afternoon, a young bird flew in, bumped against one of the doors, and was still on the floor. We nabbed Mocha, and let him/her rest for a bit. Then I gathered the nuthatch fledgling (its markings were quite distinguishable) up in a towel, transported it to the bench on the balcony, where it flew off quite vigorously.



  1. Poor little bird, and poor Lisa, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Thankfully is the perfect feeling. it's those secondary infections that make this flu even worse. Take care~~gail

  3. Thanks for the good wishes -- this has been a nasty spell of viral junk.

    But, I was so happy that the young nuthatch flew off quite easily!


  4. Now here we have a similarity. This is the time of year when nuthatches (one of our most vocal birds)can be heard calling from the trees around our garden. A sure sign of the changing seasons.


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