Monday, October 19, 2009

A fall view

I like to repeat this story in programs I do.

When I was a new Garden staff member here (over 15 years ago now), one of our wise volunteers talked about how she'd thought about the view from the windows as she (and her husband), another Garden volunteer, created their extraordinary garden from the shell of the original front and back lawn surrounding their house.

What a wonderful inspiration for novice gardeners (at the time)!

We never tire of the view from our living room window, created by initial plantings that we made soon after moving into our old house, and now expanded by a front pathway and woodland plantings.

View of path and forest from an earlier post


  1. Views are so important aren't they? Yours are beautiful.

  2. I'm designing my backyard with views from my bedrooms in mind. While mainly geared towards veggies, I want something interesting to look at in winter and late summer too. Your walkway is beautiful. It's a serene place with intimacy and privacy written all over it.

  3. Aren't views from our windows wonderful?

    That is, if they're something we want to see. I'm so glad to have had a wise gardening mentor point that out to me.


    And thanks, Janet and Tom, for the nice comments about our views -- we love looking out there, and knowing that we created that!


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