Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybe a last hummingbird?

The rain poured down today. It was chilly, windy, and wet. STILL convalescing from a nasty bronchitis following the flu, I was at home, on a brief sojourn to the computer, when I noticed her (a female hummingbird) -- checking out the (currently) flowerless arbor of pipevine and jessamine outside my study window.

Yikes, time to refresh the feeders!

Fortunately I had some previously prepared nectar (aka sugar water) in the fridge. I ventured forth in the rain (hey, I'm not feeling so great, but there are hummingbirds needing sustenance out there), scrubbed the feeders, filled them up, and was happy to see her drinking deeply later in the morning.

There are a lot of flowers still open, though, so I really didn't need to be so diligent. There's Salvia guaranitica in the border, Salvia leucantha near the feeders, Mexican hyssop in the oak barrel, and some late flowers of Lonicera sempervirens outside the mudroom door. Not to mention the Buddleia, and Salvia coccinea that's reseeded here and there.


  1. The rains keep washing out the feeders and there is no pollen on the asters! Sorry, I am whining! Maybe a trip to a hot sunny spot would improve my attitude. Janet's so right~~you have a good heart. gail


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