Thursday, October 8, 2009

More butterfly gardening

I'm so pleased with the new site of the butterfly garden at the South Carolina Botanical Garden (where I work), and all of the efforts that volunteers and staff made planting today, I can't really think of a 'personal' post today. Check out my post on our unofficial garden blog for more details.


  1. I'm sure the butterflies will appreciate the new site with some shelter I take it, from the prevailing winds -- west or north?

    Will you be sharing the names of the plants that make up the garden?

  2. I'll make a note of coming up with a list to post -- it's not definitive - just what we were able to round up.!

  3. Hope that garden does well. There are two things most botanical gardens mess up with butterfly gardens. First weeds leave them grow many are butterfly host plants, at least get to know the good weeds from the bad ones. Docents groom the gardens way to much. The other is leave the caterpillars alone don't kill them.
    I have visited the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill and see very few butterflies until I get home to out tiny little weedy garden full of them.

  4. Randy-
    Thanks for your comment! We're going to try to have as many obscure ('weedy' or not) host plants for our native butterflies as we can. Fortunately, we've got a good backdrop with surrounding forest & meadow, but ...
    And certainly, we'll be leaving the caterpillars alone and not be too tidy in our maintenance.



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