Sunday, October 4, 2009

A herbivorous squirrel

Squirrels are (pesky) herbivores for North American gardeners at times. They dig (often in our flower pots), but also all over the garden; they scamper along fences, visit porches, and (in the bad old days, prior to the expensive gutter system, ran around in our attic).

I've been bemused by their radicchio-eating habits (at least by females), and there are current signs of interest, based on evidence, but I was amazed by this porch-visiting Eastern Gray Squirrel. We've had plenty of munching evidence in the past, but this was flagrant.

S/he was snagging leaves of a Boston fern on the porch, and sitting on the railing, as s/he enjoying eating it. A Boston fern? Who knew?


  1. Those guys/gals aren't not too particular, I have some that eat the rose buds off my little rose on the deck.

  2. Some critter ate the chard that was planted in containers! I can't imagine a bunny hopping up the asphalt driveway to my porch steps, but a squirrel...yes! Pesky critters. gail

  3. I'm absolutely amazed with what they'll eat.

    I thought they focused on young buds and recovered nuts in the spring and acorns in the fall, but OBVIOUSLY they're a lot more adaptable than that.


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