Thursday, October 1, 2009

More views

We've had glorious fall weather this week. Monarchs and other butterflies are mobbing nectar-producing plants.

Unfortunately, I've been inside (mostly) nursing my gardening companion (aka my husband) who's been quite sick with what's probably H1N1 flu. I haven't felt so great myself, but so far my symptoms are mild.

A joy, however, is to sit out in our white chairs and watch the butterflies, listen to the birds, and enjoy the last visits of the migrating ruby-throated hummingbirds coming through.

The views from our windows continue to be lovely.

A solace to be sure, when we're not up to being out there in the garden.


  1. Get well both of you...and take care. gail

  2. Oh dear, stay healthy while you are nursing your husband. Rough time of year --so many getting sick.

  3. Gail and Janet,
    Thanks for the good wishes - I appreciate it!

    I'm glad to report my gardening companion is much better today. He was even able to venture forth to water some recently transplanted (rescued) Christmas ferns, etc. in front, and take some pictures of a Euonymus in fruit.

    But this flu is really no fun at all - we hardly ever get sick, so I'd definitely recommend getting both N1N1 and seasonal flu shots. I guess all we need now is shots for seasonal flu!


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