Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Posting, traveling, photos, and conundrums

Traveling used to be about getting away and disconnecting. It still is, but digital connectivity is a seductive pull. I've enjoyed sharing real-time photos and reflections while traveling with a vehicle and laptop, on other trips, but hanging around hotel computers is hardly why you travel.

Interestingly, we've been connected via email and voice messages (and Skype) with family while traveling in Southern Vietnam, via our iPod Touch, but photo downloading, not to mention uploading, hasn't been possible because of slow Internet connections and lack of working USB ports. I had brought a back-up portable drive, but without either a fast connection and/or USB, it's just serving as a back-up.

Curiously, as well, the text composition on Blogspot doesn't work with the simple keyboard interface on the iPod Touch. I only just discovered that if you select HTML mode, it does work.

But I'm still tapping out this letter by letter, so hardly optimal (but, we're taking some afternoon pool time after a long bike ride this morning in the countryside (rice and vegetable fields), so it's not actually a hardship.

So there are plenty of photos to come! And gardening reflections, too, about a country that values freshness and taste as well as vegetables at every meal.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year to you Lisa, looking forward to the pictures and more about your travels.

  2. Sounds like you are having fun~~there are limits to posting from a phone! Blogspot isn't crazy about apple products in general! On the other hand~you'll have lots of good stuff to share when you get back! happy new Year gail

  3. We HAVE had a great trip, and I'll look forward to posting photos from a tropical perspective, when back in the SE US climate. It seems like it's been quite cold while we've been gone!


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