A hard frost

We had a hard frost last night, not a freeze as of yet, but enough to zap the nasturtiums in the SCBG kitchen garden.

The difference between hard frosts, light frosts, and freezes is somewhat hard to grasp (maybe if I had studied meterology, physics, or paid better attention in organic chemistry, I'd be better prepared to understand it). And plants certainly differ in their responses to light and heavy frosts, and freezes of various temperatures.

The temperature overnight was predicted to be about 34° F (in our regional paper), but heavy frost covered the meadows along the entrance drive in the Garden (where I work). Our outdoor thermometer is outside on the porch, so is not an true reflection of outside temperatures, and I didn't look at it this morning, yada, yada.

But winter is coming.

We'll be off to Asia on Sunday, to Southern Vietnam. We had a wonderful trip to Northern Vietnam some years ago, so we're looking forward to it. We still have plenty to attend to (house-sitting & plant-sitting lists, etc.). But we're fortunate to be able to travel to distant places, and for that, I'm grateful.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip Lisa. I hope our frosts wait until we get the heat ducts replaced from after the storm...one very large room is without heat.
    Saw that upstate has a flash flood warning or is it a watch? Lots of rain headed your way.
    I have the best digital thermometer...it stores the high and low temps. You can clear it daily if you want. Nice when you wonder just how cold it got overnight.

  2. Thanks, Janet!

    And I hope your heat duct work goes quickly. We had gobs of rain today, but most of the flooding is down on the coast. Your digital thermometer sounds great!



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