Wildflower Wednesday

I'm not sure what I signed up for when I clicked on Mr. Linky's widget, but I think I'm supposed to post a Wildflower Wednesday report, inspired by my blogging colleague, Gail, of Clay and Limestone.

Most of our native 'wildflowers' currently in flower are trees (achoo!), but we have red maples with  colorful fruits of yellows and reds, and lots of Asian plants in flower.

Trillium and bloodroot (Sanguinaria) are in flower in the Piedmont with the mountains not far behind.


  1. One of my favorite wildflowers~I love how the leaves are wrapped around the stem just before bloom. Glad you joined the celebration. gail

  2. Beautiful bloodroot! The trillium are starting to come up in my woodland garden...a welcome sign of spring!


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