Local food

We've been experiencing an upsurge of interest in local food for several years now.

Surrounding our small college town, in spite of Clemson being home to the land-grant institution in our state, we don't have many small farms anymore. 

But hopefully, increased demand will encourage increased production.

These were local eggs that I purchased through a fledgling organization supporting local farmers (CAFE-Clemson Area Food Exchange).  I wish I had the time to keep chickens myself, but I'm glad to support folks that can.  These are actually a lovely variety of colors which doesn't show up in this (quickly taken, non-flash) photo!


  1. Last summer we had a local daily farmer's market open in our town. I have been so pleased to buy produce and meat from local farmers. A dear friend of my husband's has just opened a business in which he will raise organics for local restaurants with specific organic dishes on their menus. These are definitely exciting times for local and organic foods (despite the damage the federal regulations have done to their businesses).


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