Changeable weather

I had two interesting comments via my Facebook feed about my last post.

tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings
Yes, climate change does mean we have more weather extremes and exceptional weather patterns.  No, it doesn't mean that we can plant tomatoes earlier than ever - the April 8 hard freeze of 4 years ago underscored that.

The exceptional snows of the last two winters fall within the predictions of variable weather and flows of air north and south, suggested by climate change models.

And of course, we should be babying our tomato seedlings in warm sunny spots, currently, however we can provide that. (Mine are still in the garden shed under lights and on a heating pad).

Among climate change models, weather in spring is increasingly variable.  Hmm.  We've certainly experienced that in the Southeastern US.


  1. Haven't we had some very extreme weather patterns the last many years! I no longer know exactly what to plant for these days. But, my sheets are at the ready to protect my herbs in case of late freezes! gail

  2. And these extremes all seem to point to global climate change, driven perhaps by warming in the Artic, which affects big air masses pushing down towards us.




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