Home to spring

We came back down the Blue Ridge escarpment from the mountains today to spring in full flower. 

It's happening in the mountains, to be sure.  The daffodils, cherry trees, hyacinths, forsythia, and narcissus are in full bloom there, with tulips just emerging.

Dogwood, sassafras, and butterfly bush (with white pine in back)
But at home in the Piedmont, spring has exploded.  Oaks are in flower now (snuffle), dogwoods are getting close to being at peak, redbuds are in flower, leaves have expanded, etc., etc.


  1. Lisa,

    Must be beautiful in the mountains! Really like that photo. Hope you are enjoying this rain? Our peas are going to love it.

  2. Randy-
    Definitely the veggies are enjoying the rain! My peas are a bit behind (the darn squirrels keep digging up the seedlings), but everything is liking a good soak.

    The mountains (at least the town version) was beautiful last week -- all of the Asian species, especially the cherry trees were splendid.



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