Rain is welcome

A rainy weekend in March is always welcome.  We rely on spring rains (of whatever sort) to get us through droughty periods in early and mid-summer.  Thankfully, this rain comes after a much warmer than normal spell, and helps rehydrate soils.

Clemson is the red dot!

This front was wide and brought rain almost all day, close to an inch, I think, judging by the pot saucer near the mudroom door.  And more rain is expected overnight and tomorrow.

We're still facing abnormally dry conditions, moving towards drought.  The arrow marks roughly where we are in the Piedmont of South Carolina.


  1. As I am reading this posting we have our weather radio go off with a severe thunderstorm warning! I have been amazed at how low stock ponds are around here...Abbeville area especially.

    Hooray for rain! so far today .60"

  2. We've got storms in the forecast today again. We got almost a half inch here. I'm just to the left of that orange blob going up the middle of NC on your map.

  3. Lisa,

    Not sure how much we got, not enough for sure. See the darker area on that map in NC, the top of the severe drought area is where we live. Not used to being in a severe drought in March.


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