Don't step here!

We're enclosing a former deck (in our house in the mountains), basically as a studio space.

The lovely garden studio that the previous owner of the house had designed for me (down on the old coal road) came with a heart-stopping price tag for construction.  That wasn't going to happen.

So, we're creating a sunroom studio on what used to be a hot tub deck, then unused deck space, except for some summer grilling.

It's brilliant, actually, and why we didn't think of it before investing time and energy (and $$) into the garden studio design -- well, I'm not sure!

But I'm wanting to protect my perennial meadow/border in front from trampling workers, so set up a temporary barrier with tomato stakes and plant ties.  Hopefully this looks more funky than putting up caution tape or silt fencing...

Tomato stake barrier with ribbon
emerging perennials


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