Beets, carrots, greens, and more

I sowed more seeds this evening.  It's exceptionally warm in the mountains, with teasingly warm soil. 

I'm quite sure it's too soon to sow beets and carrots (I did anyway), but an Asian green from Burpee  (Senposai, a cool-sounding hybrid between cabbage and mustard spinach-Komatsuna) might do well, along with a Japanese turnip variety from a local seed company (Sow True) called Shogoin.

My spinach, peas, and chard have all emerged, but I was chastened by seeing an extremely productive bed of overwintered chard and spinach near the local whole foods/organic market. 

Yikes, the spinach leaves were giant (uh, thanks to 10-10-10?) and the chard looked big, too, for this time of year,  And this was just in a small front-yard veggie garden.  Hmm.    Or maybe they just hadn't harvested the spinach, so that's the reason for the big leaves....or it's some enormous-leaved spinach variety?


  1. Sounds like you are on your way! I love spring and sowing vegetable seeds don't you?~~Dee

  2. Dee- I'm with you -- watching seedlings (especially vegetables) grow, harvesting, thinning -- it's hard to beat it! And spring's unfurling leaves are equally great.


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