Local grains

Thanks to a comment by Commonweeder, I checked out her supplier of locally grown wheat.  Wow.

It's encouraging to have small farmers reclaim growing grains locally.  The economics favor the mass producers in the midwest, where efficiency and soils are definitely advantageous. 

But isn't it important to encourage locally grown grain, too, whether it's wheat, oats, corn, or barley?  In North Carolina, there's a bread flour project, supporting growers of organic wheat, to serve (artisan) bakers in the region. Rarefied, maybe, but local production may be the future of sustainable agriculture.

Potatoes are apparently the most efficient carbohydrate-rich crop, though, if times really get tough.

But I'd love to be able to buy regional grains (or flour) to make my own bread.  I'm a bread maker already, and buy flour from a nationally-distributed source of North American flour from an employee-owned company (King Arthur) at my local grocery.

This makes sense to me.