Vegetable transplants

Winter greens
I'm juggling tomato and pepper seedlings at the same time that I'm harvesting greens.  Yikes. I up-potted all of the tomato seedlings this morning and took them with me for spring break care in the coming week.  They'll have to go inside and outside from the 'mechanical' room at night to daytime temperatures and sun outside, instead of their cosy heating mat and shoplight on a timer.

Hmm.  I'm also worrying about the unseasonably warm weather, as pleasant as it may be.  I may need to dash down from the mountains in the middle of the week to the Piedmont to water.  Hmm.

a collard relative
But the winter greens in my raised beds in the mountains were a welcome sight this afternoon.

Spinach, peas, mustards, and mesclun sown in late February have emerged well, as well as a mystery mustard that I failed to record.  (It's doing very well in the lower raised bed).

purple kale
Arugula, purple kale, and collards are ready to harvest.  It's a good thing we like greens!  And they're good for us, too.


  1. beautiful green breaths

    la Zia Artemisia


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