Spring green

It's been remarkable to see spring explode this year.  Perhaps this is normal, and I don't remember it being quite so quick, or didn't observe it closely enough.

Spring in the Piedmont
My gardening companion and I were wishing that we could see what will be happening in the mountains next weekend, although plenty will be happening (plant-wise) here at home in the Piedmont.

He's taking a group of college students in CU's Students for Environmental Action to visit a premier wildflower site on Sunday -Station Cove Botanical Area in USDA Forest Service land, adjacent to Oconee Station State Park.  It's a wonderland of botanical treasures, especially spring woodland wildflowers.

Green haze of spring
But I do think that the warm weather in February and early March has created an environment that has promoted the simultaneous flowering of oaks and hickories, flowering of redbuds and dogwoods, and it means now that SPRING is here.


  1. Doesn't feel much like spring this morning. 37 degrees and more rain on the way today. Hopefully by Wednesday, we'll be back to enjoying warmer weather and the world exploding into bloom outside.


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