Planting time

For those of us in the Eastern US, an excellent 'window of opportunity' for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials is now through mid-to-late April.  It's planting time.

Yes, containerized plants can be planted all year round, but it's a lot easier to get plants established in fall or spring, when adequate soil moisture is available.

We've had plenty of rain this spring, so the soil has been recharged (to some degree) from the droughty summer and fall last year.  Waiting much later than the 3rd week in April in the Piedmont of the SE US is not so good, as plants have to depend on supplemental water to establish root systems, often in high air temperatures.

Warm-season veggies are in another category;  they're definitely best planted after soil and air temperatures are thoroughly warm.  And supplemental water is always needed).  I'm still babying my tomato seedlings on a heating mat under lights in the garden shed.


  1. Lisa,

    Yes it is true. Never thought about it, but your right, don't wait until May. May can be hot and dry here.


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