Tuesday, June 27, 2017

You can grow it!

Spotted, on the wall outside the U.S. National Garden, during the Garden Bloggers Fling 2017. I loved the message and the garden, which was full of great plants. I especially enjoyed the regional garden, featuring Mid-Atlantic natives.

Similarly, the Peoples Garden's message and demonstration was about this, too. Yes, you can grow it.

(Note: this is a test post from Bloggo, one of the few blogging apps still out there; there apparently aren't many good ones, and it's frustratingly difficult to access photos, modified or unmodified via Photos on iPad directly on the website, as a direct link isn't provided to Photos and the iPhone sync can be delayed, etc. Suggestions welcome!

Google Photos seems like a possibility, but getting a url for each photo doesn't seem to work). Blogger is unstable on the current operating iOS, apparently, and seems to crash more often than not. Hmmm.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A pollinator-friendly berm

In Peg Bier's wonderful garden on the Garden Bloggers Fling, there were shade plantings that were lovely.  I admired her container combinations, too, and bough a Laurentia today (at Merrifields Nursery) based on one I'd admired.

But what I really found compelling were the full sun perennial garden up on the berm, separating her property from the neighbor's detention drainage area (I think-- it was all mown grass).

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Garden Bloggers Fling

One of the wonderful things about the Fling is sharing gardens with new and old friends.

What do I/we like?  What resonates? Do the gardens reflect the gardeners?  What's interesting?  What's different?  Do I like this garden?  Does my opinion matter? Of course not.

Gardens are individual spaces that reflect the gardener, and it's lovely to see that.

I'm most interested in how their gardens reflect the gardener.

In early blogging days, a fellow blogger asked the question: do our gardens reflect us, or what we aspire to?

Hmm, I'm firmly in the camp of gardens reflecting us!

My garden friend Andrea and me, courtesy of Julie Adolf's photo
Thanks, Julie!

Friday, June 23, 2017

National Mall gardens

In an amazingly rich and diverse array of gardens on the National Mall, all quite striking, and mostly all in Smithsonian Museum gardens, my favorite images (of many) from today, were the new entrance plantings at the National Museum of American History.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Natural Bridge State Park

On my way to the Garden Bloggers Fling in DC, there are numerous opportunities for stops along the way. It's basically a seven-hour drive, with wonderful scenery along I-81, so not a lot of time for extra excursions, but I was planning to stay somewhere within a couple of hours of DC.  So, I enjoyed occasional forays off the interstate as a welcome break, and a refreshing visit to the Natural Bridge State Park, near Lexington.  It's one of VA's newest state parks, having long been in private ownership.  I didn't have time to hike any of the trails, but it was a wonderful respite from travel -- a brief dip into the natural world does wonders.

Interestingly, Thomas Jefferson was one of its first "owners" -- and apparently a great fan, judging by the guest book he kept, during his regular visits.  My overnight destination hadn't been planned, but I think the mention of Jefferson tipped a return visit to Monticello tomorrow, and an overnight stay in Charlottesville this evening. I was at Monticello for the Harvest Festival last September and loved visiting - the Vegetable Garden is truly a wonder, not to mention the Flower Garden, natural areas, and the house and history.....

Monday, June 19, 2017

Garden Bloggers Fling

I'll be heading off on Wednesday for my 7th Garden Bloggers Fling.  Perhaps blogging seems quaint in a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook world, but I like the format.

What's best about blogging, to me, is the ability to craft a post, include photos, and originally, I liked to format the way the post appeared, although that's disappeared in the mobile device age.  Hmm, that's what is nice about print, I'm suddenly thinking.

Nevertheless, I love the Garden Bloggers Fling -- what's not to like about visiting gardens for three days in the company of other garden lovers?  It's a volunteer labor of love -- tons of work for the host committee -- sponsored generously by many green businesses, large and small, national and local.

It's a reunion each year for those of us who have come over the years, but a welcoming place for new Flingers, too, who are often regional folks.  Everyone is welcome!

And gardening is a community-building activity, after all.

Woody (and me) on the trail
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