Monday, October 12, 2015

Time on Beara Peninsula

View from B&B window
to the left
Coulagh Bay view through window
I'm currently spending some time on the Beara Peninsula, as part of a writing retreat, although it's a lot more than that. Its threads include creative work of all kinds, the power of stories and myth, and exploring how we experience (and create) a sense of connection and place to the land we inhabit, at whatever point in our lives.

The setting is perfectly suited to the purpose, with expansive views - sea and sky - and the greens, rusts, and blues of the Irish coast. Absent a better camera for this time, the venerable iPad that I have is simply reminding me that sometimes, it's just better to soak in the experience, rather than try to capture it.

On yesterday's walk, this view stood out -- the track was unfolding in front of me towards the sea.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Killarney National Park and Kenmare

A clearing day across the route through Killarney, a visit to Muckross House (wonderful) and then up and over through Killarney National Park to Kenmare. Lady's View, as a name, is derived from Queen Victoria's visit to Muckross House (her ladies-in-waiting apparently loved this view -- with good reason!)

Lady's View, Killarney National Park

Rainbow at Lady's View

My gardening companion with a Guinness on the terrace of the Park Hotel, Kenmare, on a short stop-by

Monday, October 5, 2015

More Dingle Peninsula

There were extraordinary views from the drive over Conor Pass to Cloghane and Brandon Point today.

Here were two of the views of the bay from Cloghane.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Dingle Peninsula

This is an extraordinarily beautiful place in Ireland.

Here are just a few images from the last two days, thanks to lovely weather.  It'll be showery for the next week, so I'm grateful for the fine weather that we've been having.

Click through to see them larger -- they're large images, so may be slow to load

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Galway, Ireland

I'm putzing around with photos taken on my iPhone yesterday, with no luck getting the edited versions (on Apple's Photo) to post on my iPad, via an old blog interface app (Blogsy).
Apple and Google (the host of this blog's platform) are wary cooperators, it seems.

I totally get the appeal of FB, although not my natural medium. I'd really like to post a gallery of today's photo's from Connemara, however!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The importance of green spaces

Leaving our green and ancient mountains yesterday, heading to a place with a culture much older than ours (Ireland), which is even greener, has me thinking about our relationship with place.

A friend in an online circle had recently posted about how she'd decided to move back to the mountains, after almost a year of being at the the beach; it had taken that time for the understanding to unfold that she'd realized that she'd moved from the place where she felt best and at home. 

Her reflections touched me- there are many places that I don't feel "at home" from natural to human created, but coming "home" to the mountains of Western North Carolina, with its green and worn slopes, has always felt good. Mountains, rivers, streams, and green forests mean home to me.

I was thinking as I traveled, that the experience of being in airports and on planes, creates a weird and disorienting sense of disconnection with the natural world. 

The loudness of the traveling hub-bub, 3 flights in a long journey, traveling all day, and overnight to Ireland had me a bit discombobulated and feeling quite unlike myself, but travel on planes always does that. Trying to "escape" via reading, noise-canceling headphones, etc. just reinforces the oddness of how these big machines take us so far, in non-human time frames, so quickly.

I've traveled to many different places, but I've found that the necessary air travel is just something to endure, on the one hand, while being grateful for the ability to do so, to experience the wonder of exploring new and different places.

I'm thankful that arriving, and being back in fresh air and, at least, semi-natural surroundings, can help me re-balance and "re-root" to where I really like to be, surrounded by (at least) some semblance of the natural world.
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