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Michael Pollan had an excellent piece in last Sunday's NY Times Magazine, an issue focused on food. He wrote a letter to our next president (here in the U.S., coming soon) which outlines what he needs to think about and act on.

Our 'food system' in the U.S. is definitely in need of reform, and I'm tremendously pleased to see a resurgence of interest in local food, home vegetable gardens, and 'growing your own.'

There's a wonderful initiative (that Pollan comments on) to transform one of the White House lawns to an organic food garden, just like Eleanor Roosevelt did with a Victory Garden push.

My gardening companion and I have an acre and a half of land in our (semi)-rural small college town. In these challenging times, why shouldn't I expand my vegetable garden (with rotations) and consider having 'city' chickens, even if they might have to be in a 'chicken tractor'.


  1. Personally, I love the idea and even tried it...till the neighbor's dog got in and slaughtered my rabbits and about distroyed the inside of my little hen-house and all three rabbit-cages. I gave the rest of my hens and the one remaining rabbit away.

    I may try again...when I can afford better protection for the critters; we have bears here, too.

    I've built a 4x8 frame and put hardware cloth on the bottom; now I just have to get some dirt to start a raised garden. It'll happen.

    Victory Gardens; I like the concept...especially if people go native and organic!

  2. Your right: its a hodge podge of regulations and subsidies. We need to move back to "whole foods" ... they are better and better for you.

  3. Oh, dear, I sympathize with Beverly who lives in a very much 'wilder' area than we do! Maybe the 'urban' chicken farmers have an easier time of it.

    But, I remember our old boy, Chessie, (another Golden Retriever), who enjoyed chasing (and nabbing) free-roaming chickens at the place we stayed while doing summer research years ago. NOT good.

    Mocha, a much lazier Golden, might be rather interested, too.


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