Ready for the last hummingbird

I saw a female ruby-throated hummingbird yesterday, and my gardening companion spotted another as we had lunch today (on the porch).

It's fairly late to see them; last year, it was Oct. 8 for us. And Bill Hilton, at Hilton Pond, reports that their last hummingbird sighting (monitored over a number of years) is Oct. 18.

But I'll leave up the feeders if there are any stragglers, and there are still coral honeysuckle flowers for them.


  1. That honeysuckle is wonderful -- I love that gentle gradation of color from bright pink to coral. No wonder the hummers have stayed around so long. :)

  2. I love the coral honeysuckle -- it's a great plant. My gardening companion saw a hummingbird visiting one of our feeders this morning.


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