A watching hawk

I've seen a hawk perched up high in a declining oak in the early morning for some time. The tree is below our big parking lot (at work), but gives him/her a great view of the meadows in the morning. It's one of our red-shouldered hawks - we have two pairs, I think, at the Garden where I work.

Today I had my camera, so was able to 'see' a bit closer.

A mockingbird was singing nearby.

And persimmons were ripe and ready to eat.


  1. I've never eaten (or heard of) a persimmons. Last week an Ohioan was describing "paw paws" another tree fruit that I had never heard of. I have both on my list.

  2. These small persimmons are our native ones, Diospyros virginiana - they're quite tasty (to us and wildlife) when ripe, but VERY astringent when not yet ripe. They're very soft and sweet. Japanese persimmons are much larger, and they're the ones you might see at a grocery. Our small Japanese persimmon tree is loaded with (unripe) fruits right now.

    Paw paws (Asimina spp.) are another native tree with tasty, soft fruits, but animals usually get to them before we do!

    Both have native ranges down through Florida, but I don't know how common they might be or in what sorts of habitats!


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