A Hunter's Moon

Tomorrow is a full moon, but it's been pretty glorious for the last couple of nights. It was rising behind the house, and the big trees in front, about 7:30 this evening.


  1. Lovely shot! The moon has been particularly beautiful this month.

  2. Great photo Lisa. Full moon over this side of the pond too! what do you make of this biodynamics planting theory?

  3. Thanks for the nice comments -- the moon was spectacular last night. And rising above the oaks while there was still a bit of daylight was wonderful.

    The camera really didn't capture what I saw.

  4. Hi, Rob-
    As a scientist by training, it's hard to embrace the moon cycle parts of the biodynamic theory, but the organic, balanced, building the soil part certainly makes sense.

    I haven't looked into it that much, however!

    Whatever we can do to reconnect as gardeners to ecological cycles and natural principles is a good thing, in my opinion.


  5. The moon was so big I was afraid to look at it for too long on fear of getting a "lunar burn" and/or damaging my retinas.

    And your right, the camera never seems to capture the full lunar scene.


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