Hmm, another happy herbivore

I'm quite familiar with squirrels having unusual interests in radicchio. Peculiar, given how bitter it is in hot weather.

But late this afternoon, I spotted this fellow (or gal) yumming up radicchio leaves around the old pepper plant cage. And, there was evidence that the red-stemmed chicory was next; the cut leaf remnants were clear. The picture is blurry, but the evidence obvious.

Uh, I thought squirrels focused on acorns and hickory nuts in fall, with an occasional mushroom or two. Clearly not.


  1. That's obviously a squirrel with taste! A very discerning squirrel.

  2. And, when you consider how incredibly bitter radicchio is now -- post-summer --they must really enjoy those alkaloids!

  3. And, I just saw (her) nibbling on more today!


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