Saffron crocus

I enjoy the few Crocus sativus (Saffron crocus) that are planted near the kitchen door. I certainly won't be set for the year with my harvest of 15 (or so) stigmas, but they're so pretty in fall flower.

After a weekend in the mountains, I was surprised to come home and see them.


  1. That was a good surprise. I thought crocus bloomed in spring, ... I guess there are all types.

  2. They are lovely -- no wonder saffron is so expensive!

  3. I love those little jewels...and the tiny little wild iris that come up about the same time. Have you seen them?

    I like to plant patches of those short little babies in the lawn...they come up and are gone before the first mowing is necessary. What a joy...

  4. Saffron crocus do flower in fall (I've had some more flowers since this post), unlike their early spring flowering congeners.

    They're wonderfully durable, whether they flower in spring or fall.

    I just collected about 9 more stigmas today!


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