Rain at last

After Tropical Storm Fay, back in early September, we haven't had a drop of rain. It's a normally dry time of the year, so not surprising, but still unsettling.

Thankfully, today we've had steady on and off rainshowers, and it's raining heavily now. The 'puddle' at the base of the driveway is full -- hooray!*

Coming home, the dogwood in front of the house looked perfect, with fall-tinged color.

*An addendum: it rained 2.4 inches, and more to come today...


  1. I celebrate your rain with you! It is about time we southeastern gardeners received our share of the rain! The garden is so much happier!

    clay and limestone

  2. Yes, gardens need rain. Down here in south Florida, we get 7-10 inches during wet season months, but only 2 inches during winter dry season. In north Florida the distribution of winter rains is higher, not to mention temperature difference. Sounds like what you recently got was a perfect soft rain.

  3. Hi! and Hi and a pat to Mocha!
    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada.
    I love your blog.
    I just got my plot at the new community garden!!!! Woo hoo!!! I'm going to grow things for my friends at the rabbit shelter. They emailed me a list of their favourites and I've now started to look at companion planting and thinking about layout... maybe doing a Peter Rabbit theme....choices, choices...
    We're over at emmettsworld.blogspot where my 23 year old cat Emmett chronicles his adventures.
    Cheers, Eva, Emmett and Timmy too

  4. This rain has been WONDERFUL -- we're in such a severe drought here, anything is welcome, but almost 2 1/12 inches. Fabulous.

    Having steady rain all day is perfect for plants!

  5. Oh, and Emmett, I'm so impressed how active you are at your impressive age ... Your rabbit friends will love winter greens and lettuces.

    Mocha sends his best!


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