Thanks, Margot

I lost a gardening friend today. I shared her with many others, who knew her much better than I did. I appreciated her willingness to extend her experiences and knowledge with others, and always felt her encouragement and support. I knew her as a garden writer, speaker, and fellow wildlife gardening enthusiast, whose gardening interests encompassed an exuberant lack of tidiness, as well as a love for flowers.

A recent talk focused on Flowering Shrubs: the Real Perennials, which embraced a transition to a vibrant, but lower maintenance garden as she approached her mid-seventies.

Time spent with her was always interesting. Her first book, Earthly Delights: Gardening by the Season the Easy Way, was a wonderful collection of essays honed from her gardening columns in The State (Columbia, SC) newspaper. Her second book is in press now. She was encouraging about my (small) book (written with others) about The Nature of Clemson, and always asked what my next book was. She was unfailingly encouraging about my gardening companion's efforts on his book, under contract to be published in a couple of years.

A hardy climbing rose, facing the first frost of the season tonight

I appreciated her interest in my writing - I'd never thought about myself as a (garden) writer before, in spite of a lifetime thinking, teaching, and writing about plants and nature. But that's what's wonderful about friends - they see and encourage you to be something different.

Thanks, Margot.


  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend...she sounds like a very pleasant and giving person.

  2. What a delight you must have had with your friend. She sounds like my kinda gardener, too. What is that cottage-design called…“shabby sheek?” Well, that’s the way I garden…

    I remember getting all excited about Lauren Springer and her thoughts (way back) on the ‘hell strip’ between sidewalk and street. She sounded so much like your friend…showing us how to make a lush, vibrant, easy-care (and xeric) garden from a difficult, dry and fairly ugly space. (She’s now Lauren Springer Ogden, having married Scott Ogden…check out the gallery at: )

    At any rate, I am sorry for your loss. What a delight she lives on…in your heart and in your sharing of her memory with us. Thank you.

  3. I have heard Margot speak on at least 4 occasions and always enjoyed her folksy "down to earth" descriptions of her garden and gardening in general. I'm glad that I bought her book the first timeI heard her (and it's autographed). We will miss her in SC.
    Carolyn T

  4. Thanks for sharing this post with me Lisa. How nice to have known her.


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