A crescent moon

Tonight's crescent moon is bright in the night sky, with a planet or star visible to the left. I wish I knew more about astronomy, planets and the constellations, but it's always seemed so remote.

August crescent moon

Plants, animals, forests, meadows, gardens, and streams seem so much more immediate.

I like to think, though, of the rhythms of people and wildlife that are much more attuned to the night sky than I am. Migrating birds and insects are able to follow cues detected from various sources, supporting their night journeys. People living close to the land, and not detached as so many of us are, traditionally observe not only the change of seasons, but the cycles of the moon.


  1. Was that a planet or the asteroid that scientists spotted flying into the earth, and that is predicted to break up in the upper atmosphere somewhere over Africa?

    I noted the same moon this evening too ... and that planet must be Mars, its so bright.


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