Fall color

Cold nights and sunny days have accelerated fall color in the last week. Yellows, reds, and oranges are becoming more vivid (and spectacular).

There have been pockets of frost in low-lying areas, but the freeze warning last night didn't materialize here. I harvested all the tomatoes and peppers yesterday, in any case, and have several large bowls of tomatoes on the kitchen counter.

Coming home this evening, the bottlebrush buckeye was lovely, and the color of the dogwood in front, backlit from the setting sun, spectacular.


  1. The yellow shrub is the bottlebrush? It is lovely. I planted a seedling this year and no color yet. Yours has a great shape.

  2. We got our cold air all the way down here in Naples, but I also noticed that Atlanta didn't get zapped as much as I thought it would. Weather is funny that way.

  3. The yellow shrub IS the bottle brush -- they have a wonderful spreading architecture, and can get quite large!


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