Spring is coming

It's a funny in-between time in the garden.  It's winter still, but buds are swelling and birds are starting to sing. 

My onion sets arrived today, but I'm not supposed to plant them until 6 weeks before the last frost. Hmm. That means the 1st of March, but that's still 3 weeks away. I definitely don't want to be too early, but even dormant onion sets can dry out.... We'll see. 

My 'seed' potatoes will be coming soon, too, so I hope we continue to have moderate (eg. normal) temperatures for awhile.

But the beds are ready for both onions and potatoes, so I'm keen to get planting....


  1. Lisa,

    Just plant those onion sets! I planted ours in late October, doing just fine in the garden along with the garlic.

  2. I can see the swelling buds and hear the birds~Now if only Old Man Winter would stay away! gail


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