More peas and greens

It was a beautiful sunny (and warm) day in the mountains. 

A quick trip to the local farmer's supply yielded 5 bags each of mushroom compost and composted cow manure.  The commercial compost in the raised beds has settled and shrunk since their initial filling last year, so needs more 'soil' additions and a nutrient boost before spring planting.

The mid-summer beds were lush, so plenty of nutrients were taken up and harvested.

raised beds in late July 2010
The mushroom compost was the best I've seen - it looked like the 'real thing' - light, fluffy. amended with sand, and without the sticks and debris of other bags I've purchased labeled 'mushroom compost.'  The cow manure was also a bit close to the real thing, being a bit aromatic of cow manure!

After topping off the beds and turning over the soil a bit, I hopefully sowed a round of sugar snap peas and snow peas in one of the front beds, along with broccoli raab, mustard greens, and spinach.  I tucked in some broccoli, parsley and red cabbage transplants from one of the big box stores and am crossing my fingers for a moderate late winter and early spring.


  1. Inspirational photo just when I needed it.

  2. Rob,
    It was great to remind myself of how the beds looked last summer! Glad you enjoyed it, too.


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