A brown creeper

I'm quite sure I never noticed any brown creepers before now, although they're apparently quite common birds.  But in my birding lab a couple of weeks, we heard one, and glimpsed its behavior, and our instructor described it for us, and I reviewed 'Brown Creeper' in my apps and online guides later.

So, I was thrilled on a morning walk in the Garden to see (and identify) a brown creeper, working its way up the trunk of a large white oak, poking under the flaky bark for insects and insect larvae.

How exciting!


And Janet is quite right: Randy has great pictures of a Brown Creeper in his garden.


  1. Lisa,

    What a great don't you think? Pretty exciting seeing new birds. Next time try to get a photo, oh it took me over 10 different attempts very hard to get.

  2. I got a poor photo of the Brown Creeper, but Randy's photo is spectacular!


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