Chives, seeding, and other vegetable gardening activities

It's so heartening to see buds swelling on the blueberries, oaks, and buckeyes.  Not to mention the spiky clumps of chives.  I was thrilled to see an asparagus tip poking up in the small asparagus bed, and happily mulched that bed and my onion & garlic beds with partially broken-down straw (it had served as a Mocha barrier from compost through the winter).

Additional tomato and pepper seeds came on Saturday, so I went ahead and sowed an assortment in trays on a germination mat.  I'm following Renee's Garden methods this year, and will transplant the small seedlings to larger pots as needed (rather than allocating valuable germination space to more pots!)

I dug up a new bed for potatoes, cut them up for sprouting, and am ready with more straw (I'm planning to cover them with straw this year, rather than soil).

I hopefully sowed a few more vegetable seeds in pots (chard on the germination mat, spinach and mustard spinach in containers) and called it a good day in the garden.